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Hotels on the Amalfi Coast


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Hotel Europa


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Hotel Europa

3 stars, Minori

  1. Just 50 meters to the beach
  2. A balcony or private terrace facing the lovely Roman Villa and museum
  3. A generous, delicious breakfast
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Average 3 Average
From € 35 Per night
Hotel Santa Lucia

Hotel Santa Lucia

4 stars, Minori

  1. Traditional Mediterranean hospitality in the heart of Minori.
  2. The delicious fish cuisine, typical of the Amalfi Coast.
  3. The vicinity to the beach and the sea.
Excellent 4.5 Excellent
From € 89 Per night
Hotel La Certosa
3 3

Hotel La Certosa

3 stars, Nerano - Massa Lubrense

  1. Just three steps and you're on the beach of Marina del Cantone
  2. A delicious fish supper at the "Pappone"' restaurant
  3. The spectacular views of the sea surrounding Nerano
Excellent 4.5 Excellent
From € 69 Per night


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