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Boat Tours and Trips to Capri from Positano and Amalfi

An unforgettable day at sea: all you need to know to book a boat rental or tour to Capri from the Amalfi Coast.

Boat Tours and Trips to Capri from Positano and Amalfi
Boat Tours and Trips to Capri from Positano and Amalfi
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Rental and charter offers to book online

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  • Departure ports: Amalfi, Praiano, Positano, Sorrento
  • Duration: from 6 to 8 hours
  • Types of tours available: mini-cruises, small group tours, private tours
  • Price: from EUR 35 a person

Do you want to take a boat trip to Capri from the Amalfi Coast?

During the tourist season from the beginning of April to mid-October, you can join one of the many boat tours which depart from the towns along the Amalfi Coast for Capri.

You can also join different types of day trips to Capri:

  • Mini-cruises with small boats carrying 30-40 passengers
  • Gozzo tours with the traditional wooden boats used on the Amalfi Coast carrying small groups of 6-12 passengers
  • Private tours

Mini-cruises to Capri

Mini-cruises are full day trips which depart from a number of ports along the Amalfi Coast in the morning and return in the late afternoon.

These tours circumnavigate the island of Capri so passengers can admire the coast, broken up by stops in Marina Grande or Marina Piccola for passengers to disembark and explore the island by land.

The boat also stops at the Blue Grotto so passengers can visit this famous sea cave if they wish.

Average price for a mini-cruise to Capri : EUR 35 per person.

Small Group Gozzo Tours to Capri

These boat tours use a traditional gozzo boat, common on the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts, which is similar to a small speedboat but made of wood and with a large sundeck on the bow. A gozzo can fit from 8 to 12 passengers and tickets are sold to each individual passenger at an average price of EUR 70-90. This is a great way for a couple to enjoy a boat tour without having to spring for a private gozzo rental.

These semi-private, shared tours depart at 10 am and sail towards Capri passing the Li Galli islets, where there is a stop for a swim. The route passes "Tiberius' Leap", the closest point on Capri to the mainland. The trip continues by circling the island, with stops in the small coves for a swim.

The tours stop in Marina Piccola or Marina Grande, where passengers can choose to disembark to explore by land, stay on board, relax on the beach, or dine in one of the waterfront restaurants. In the late afternoon, a stop at the Blue Grotto is scheduled.
The average price of a semi-private boat tour to Capri: EUR 80.

Ticket prices usually include a traditional mozzarella and tomato panino caprese and water, beer, and soft drinks.

Private Tours

This is the most convenient type of tour, with a private boat rental or charter including skipper during which passengers are free to set the duration and route. You can reach Capri from Positano with a stop at a seaside restaurant, a sail around the island, and a visit to the Blue Grotto in the lesser crowded late afternoon, sailing back to Positano just in time for a sunset cocktail. This is perfect for couples on a honeymoon or a group of family or friends.

Average price for a boat rental with skipper: EUR 400

Rental and charter offers to book online

Joe Banana Limos - Boat - Boat tour to Capri Pick

Boat tour to Capri


We will sail to the famous island of Capri. There will be time to visit to the Marvelous cave, Natural Arch, Villa Curzio Malaparte, Faraglioni, the Lighthouse, blue grotto (additional cost) and have about 3-4 hours on Capri on your own. A sandwich with caprese salad and drinks included on board!

By Joe Banana Limos - Boat

from € 800
Lucibello  - Boat Tour of Capri (full day) Pick

Boat Tour of Capri (full day)


Set sail from Positano to the island of Capri passing by the famous Li Galli islets to discover the most beautiful corners of the coastline. Once at Capri, we'll sail around the entire island and even stop at the Blue Grotto, if desired.

By Lucibello

from € 650 per boat
Lucibello  - Boat Tour of Capri (half day) Pick

Boat Tour of Capri (half day)


Tour by boat from Positano to Capri with a boat tour of the island and an optional stop at the Blue Grotto.

By Lucibello

from € 500
Priore Capri Boats Excursions - Capri Tour by Itama 40 Speedboat - 2, 4 or 7 hours Pick

Capri Tour by Itama 40 Speedboat - 2, 4 or 7 hours


Make your vacation truly special with a tour of Capri by luxury speedboat of 2, 4, or 7 hours based on the time you have available! Don't miss the most beautiful sights on the island like the Faraglioni, lighthouse, and Blue Grotto.

By Priore Capri Boats Excursions

from € 400 Max 6 passengers € 500 -20%
Priore Capri Boats Excursions - Speedboat Tour of Capri and the Amalfi Coast Pick

Speedboat Tour of Capri and the Amalfi Coast


Explore two of the most beautiful coastlines in the world in one day at sea: sail around the island of Capri and stop for a swim before continuing on to the Amalfi Coast and exploring the most famous villages on the water: Nerano, Positano, or Amalfi. Unforgettable!

By Priore Capri Boats Excursions

from € 1,200 Max 6 passengers € 1,400 -14%

Boat Tours and Trips to Capri from Positano and Amalfi

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