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Capri On Board Helicopters

Transport and Rental

Capri On Board Helicopters Transport and Rental Capri

To Capri by helicoptor: beauty from above!

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Capri On Board Helicopters

  1. A fast, comfortable, and spectacular way to reach Capri
  2. Helicopter tours: Capri and the Amalfi Coast from above
  3. Custom schedules, itineraries, and services

Capri On Board Helicopters - Capri

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Book a private transfer to Capri by helicopter and treat yourself to an unforgettable arrival on Italy's most beautiful island. Capri On Board offers luxury helicopter transfers for the fastest and most comfortable transfers to Capri with the added benefit of breathtaking views of this unique landscape from the sky.

High Above Capri and the Amalfi Coast

With departures from Naples, your exclusive helicopter transfer by Capri On Board will get you to Capri in just 20 minutes...or, for the same amount of time in the air, reach Amalfi, Positano, or Ravello, the most famous destinations on the Amalfi Coast, or Sorrento, Ischia, and Salerno.

Travelling for work or for pleasure? Our personalized client assistance at Capri On Board Helicopters is always available to arrange your personalized itinerary or take care of any special need or request you may have!

In addition to Capri and the Bay of Naples, Capri On Board can arrange transfers to the most fashionable destinations in Italy and beyond, including Porto Cervo, the Cinque Terre, Portofino, the Eolie Islands, Venice, Siena, Montecarlo, Cannes, and St. Tropez and even ski resorts in the Alps like Cortina and St. Moritz.

Tours in the Clouds

More than just transfers: Capri On Board Helicopters can arrange private helicopter tours to the most beautiful spots along the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, flying over picturesque islands, postcard-perfect villages, and breathtaking archaeological sites.

Some of our most popular helicopter tours:

  • The Pearls of the Bay of Naples: Capri, Ischia, and Procida (50 mins)
  • The Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast: Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi (50 mins)
  • Archaeological Tour: Capri, Pompeii, and Herculaneaum (1 h)

Photographic and Film Shoots by Helicopter

Have you always dreamed of a dramatic arrival or departure by helicopter on your wedding day? Would you like to take unforgettably unique photos or videos while visiting Capri? Capri On Board Helicopters offers these and many other services, ensuring the highest level of expertise and experience to make your dreams by helicopter come true!

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