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Christmas in Praiano Mappa

By Redazione

Redazione - Christmas in Praiano

Here are all the events for the holidays organized by the Comune di Praiano with the Associazione Pelagos.

  • 16 December, 7 pm, Chiesa di San Gennaro: Marina Bruno Ensemble in Natale "Argiento e oro"
  • 22 December, Piazza San Luca: Beer Festival with hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer, live music, and a Christmas market
  • 26 December, 6:30 pm, Chiesa San Luca, LE LOVING - THREE SOPRANOS in "Our Concert", Christmas and Neapolitan classics with theatrical performances
  • 29 December, 6:30 pm, Chiesa di San Luca: Sentimenti, musical performance
  • 31 December, 11:45: New Year's toast and live music with the Luna Rossa Band
  • 2 January, 8 am: Hike on the Path of the Gods (meeting place: Carcara)

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Christmas in Praiano

All the Christmas events in Praiano

from 9 December 2016 to 6 January 2017 (All days)

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