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Recommended experiences for your Italy holiday.


Redação - Festa di Sant'Andrea

Ter 27 Junho 2017

Festa di Sant'Andrea

Celebrations for the Feast Day of Sant'Andrea, patron saint of Amalfi.

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Redação - Le giornate del pesce azzurro

Entre 6 Agosto 2017 e 9 Agosto 2017
Piazza del Porto

Le giornate del pesce azzurro

The coastal village of Cetara is famous for its tuna and anchovies, which form the basis of its culinary tradition. "Le Giornate del Pesce Azzurro" (Days of the Blue Fish), held in the first week of August each year, are the continuation of the town's "A tutto tonno" ('Tuna with Everything') event

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Redação - Holiday Fritters Festival

Entre 28 Dezembro 2017 e 29 Dezembro 2017
Spiaggia Grande

Holiday Fritters Festival

Celebration of Positano's sweet fried fritters, traditionally served each holiday season.

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