Redazione - Holiday Fritters Festival

Holiday Fritters Festival Map

Redazione - Holiday Fritters Festival

From 28 December 2017 to 29 December 2017 (All days)
Spiaggia Grande

Free event

Holiday Fritters Festival

Celebration of Positano's sweet fried fritters, traditionally served each holiday season.

Between Christmas and New Year's, the Spiaggia Grande beach in Positano celebrates "zeppole", or sweet fritters served during the holiday season. Two evenings of music, entertainment, and, of course, zeppole await!

Dates are estimated.

  • 28 December
  • 7 p.m.: stands open for the "Zeppola d'oro" competition, including the potato and yeast fritter categories. Live music.
  • 29 December
  • 6 p.m.: stands open and public games begin, including tug of war, mini-volleyballl, and the "traviata a ciuccio". Live music.

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