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Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Restaurants

Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

Eating well on the Amalfi Coast is easy. Home to no fewer than 7 Michelin starred restaurants, this 50km stretch of the Italian coastline boasts a string of gourmet restaurants and any number of family-run eateries in which to enjoy good, honest, home cooking. Whether you decide to treat yourself to an unforgettable epicurean experience, savoring the creations of some of Italy's most famous chefs, or a leisurely lunch in one of the Amalfi Coast's casual, sea edge restaurants, you can expect some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine you'll ever eat.

Below, you'll find a selection of what we consider to be the best restaurants on the Amalfi Coast... buon appetito!

Restaurant opening hours on the Amalfi Coast

  • Lunch: from 12.30 to 15.00
  • Dinner: from 19.30 to 23.00

In the summer, restaurants tend to stay open beyond normal opening hours. In the evening, Italians, in particular, rarely sit down to eat before nine and in high season might not even start ordering until 11 pm! It's always a good idea to reserve your table, especially if you want to dine in one of the Amalfi Coast's more famous restaurants or during the weekend.


Da Adolfo

This casual restaurant on the Laurito beach is accessible from Positano by boat or by taking the footpath that begins near the Hotel San Pietro. The restaurant offers a boat service back and forth between the Spiaggia Grande beach in Positano; you will recognize the boat by its bright red paint and fish sign hanging from th emast. It has become “The Place to Eat” for tourists on the coast recently, but it's not always easy to book a table as they don't answer the phone with any regularity. Ask your hotel concierge to book for you.

089 875022

La Tagliata
Another "must experience" meal at Positano is lunch at La Tagliata: this restaurant is on the Montepertuso hill and has beautiful views over the Li Galli Islets and the stretch of coast ending with the Faraglioni sea stacks off Capri. They are specialized in grilled meats, and you can spy their own animals grazing on the small terraces and visit the farm. We suggest booking a table for lunch to enjoy the view; you can also request a shuttle service from Positano. An informal atmosphere and reasonable prices.

089 875872

Chez Black
For lunch or dinner on the Spiaggia Grande beach in Positano, this restaurant is a classic. Traditional dishes, generous portions, impeccable service...the prices are rather expensive, but the location is unbeatable. You will often be sitting elbow to elbow with a celebrity!

089 875036

Casa e bottega

For a light lunch or healthy snack, this small eatery is perfect. They serve salads made with organic products, fruit smoothies, homemade cakes, and natural snacks. They also have a cute shop where you can buy unique crafts and home decor, much of which - from the tableware to the pillows - is used to decorate the dining room.

089 875225

To celebrate an important occasion or simply a romantic dinner for two by candlelight overlooking the sea, this is the perfect choice. Located on the Spiaggia Grande beach in Positano, it sits just above the level of the water for a stunning view. The menu features Mediterranean cuisine with a fusion twist.

089 875874

Da Vincenzo
At the top of Positano, this historic restaurant is known for its "homestyle" food, serving surprising and creative modern interpretations of classics. The presentation and decor is very attentive to details, and the service is friendly.

089 875128

La Sponda

For the most elegant atmosphere and unforgettable cuisine, book at table at this Michelin-starred restaurant in the luxury Le Sirenuse hotel. The portico and terrace overlook the sea, and are illuminated each evening by over 400 candles while a mandolinand guitar duet strum historic Neapolitan tunes. Choose the tasting menu paired with selected wines by the glass.

089 875066


Il Pirata
The tables at this restaurant are set right on the waterfront rocks, so you feel like you are eating directly over the water. Known for its fish and seafood, this is a unique favorite.

089 874377

Il Tramonto d’oro
As the name of this hotel restaurant suggests, it offers a spellbinding view of the sunset over the coastline and the towering Faraglioni. Delicious fish and seafood specialites.

089 874955

Da Armandino
A simple and authentic trattoria in Marina della Praia specializing in fish and seafood served right on the beach.

089 874087

Bar Mare Petit Restaurant
A bar and restaurant located on the beach at Marina della Praia. Donna Clelia rules the kitchen, preparing the most ionic dishes along the coast like the Praiano specialty, "tubettoni con i totani" (pasta with squid).

089 874706

Conca dei Marini

La Tonnarella
This was a favorite of Jackie Kennedy and the Agnelli family in the 1970's, when VIPs would order cases of Moet-Chandon to be delivered here directly from France. This jet-set vibe has largely disappeared over the past few decades, but the stunning location on the beach along the tiny bay and the excellent cuisine have remained the same. Shuttle boat service to and from Amalfi.

089 831939


Da Gemma

A landmark restaurant in Amalfi that has been one of the most popular and beloved eateries on the coast since 1872. The restaurant has managed to remain a favorite over the years because of the consistently wonderful food, classics served with an updated twist.

089 871029

La Caravella
A gourmet restaurant in the center of Amalfi serving dishes rooted in local tradition and ingredients. Try the tasting menu based on the local heirloom sfumato lemons from Amalfi.

089 871029

Lido Azzurro
This restaurant is part of the beach club of the same name in Amalfi, serving fresh fish with a sea view.

089 871384

Trattoria da Rispoli (Pogerola)
If you are looking for a spot to sample real coastal cuisine with no modern reinterpretation in an informal and authentic atmosphere, then head up to Pogerola and pull up a chair at this no-frills, all food oasis run by the Rispoli sisters. This trattoria has been around since the ’50s, when it was a gathering place for the local men to play cards, drink wine, and indulge in a steaming plate of pasta. It hasn't changed much since then: Enza is in the kitchen, Marina is in the dining room, and both work to make sure no one leaves hungry after their generous portion of pasta. Their most famous dish are fried anchovies stuffed with provola cheese.

089 830080


Da Bacco
This restaurant is set on the clifftop of the coast above the famous Furore Fjord, and has a beautiful terrace overlooking the water. Here you can try traditional country cooking with a modern presentation. Make sure you tour the wine cellar, with its 5,000 bottles, including important vintages from Marisa Cuomo's nearby winery. If you are a wine aficionado, book a tour of the Marisa Cuomo winery followed by lunch here.

089 830360


Torre Normanna
This restaurant is located in a historic watchtower with a terrace directly over the sea, perfect for a romantic meal. For special occasions or proposals, book the "Ulisse table", a table for two set out on the cliffs over the water with complete privacy and a breathtaking view.

089 877100



A pretty spot that has no view of the water but does have a lovely pergola where you can relax in the shade and sample fish and seafood specialties or traditional pizza. Over the years, this restaurant has made a name for itself with excellent traditional dishes served with just the right touch of modernity.

089 877050


Il Convento
As the name suggests, this restaurant is set in a former convent in the center of Cetara, a town famous for its "colatura di alici",a fermented fish condiment that is served tossed with spaghetti. Their signature dish is "la genovese di tonno".

089 261039

Acqua Pazza
Just a few steps from the port of Cetara, this restaurant is specialized in anchovies and dishes featuring "colatura di alici".

089 261606

Other Experiences

Flavors and aromas of the Amalfi Coast

Food & Drink

Flavors and aromas of the Amalfi Coast

The scent of lemons, fresh fish, soft cheeses and irresistible pastries: the culinary delights of a beautiful land.

Wineries on the Amalfi Coast

Food & Drink

Wineries on the Amalfi Coast

Where you can sample the best wines from the Amalfi Coast

Food & Drink

Wineries on the Amalfi Coast

Where you can sample the best wines from the Amalfi Coast

Flavors and aromas of the Amalfi Coast

The scent of lemons, fresh fish, soft cheeses and irresistible pastries: the culinary delights of a beautiful land.



Bagni Tiberio

The flavors of the Mediterranean in a one of Capri's historic seaside restaurants.

Le Sirene

Tempting maritime treats served on the beach of Marina del Cantone.

+39 081 8081771


+39 089 872712

Relais Blu

A terrace overlooking the Bay of Naples, where to enjoy Christoph Bob's exciting contemporary cuisine.

+39 081 878 9552


Close to the harbour, a lively trattoria in which to savor the flavors of the Amalfi Coast.

+39 089 261606

La Tagliata

+39 089 875 872

Un Piano nel Cielo

Minimalist. Gourmet. An Amalfi Coast you weren't expecting, an eating experience you'll never forget.

+39 089 8131333

Torre Normanna

A unqiue eatery, right at the top of an ancient watch tower, directly above the sea.

+39 089 877100

Il Giardiniello

An historic eatery in which to savor the Amalfi Coast's finest home cooking.

+39 089 877050

Pappa Carbone

Tradition and modernity expressed with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

+39 089 466441

Santa Caterina

Gastronomic traditions and culinary creativity on the Amalfi Coast.

+39 089 871012

Cucina Antichi Sapori

Garden vegetables, highly prized cheeses, recipes of the past with the lightness of the present.

+39 089 876491

Chez Black

+39 089 875 036

La Capannina

Fresh fish, succulent meat, kitchen garden vegetables and a magnificent view of Ravello.

+39 089 871128

A Paranza

An authentic taste of the sea, courtesy of a historic family of fishermen.

+39 089 871840

Savino Restaurant

Home-made pasta, fresh fish, and the traditional cuisine of the Amalfi Coast.

+39 089 875400

Quattro Passi

A dream setting for a Michelin Star restaurant and an eating experience to remember.

+39 081 8082800

Lo Stuzzichino

The unforgettable cuisine of the 'Land of Sirens', at an irresistible price.

+39 081 5330010

Al Convento

An ancient convent in Cetrara provides the unqiue venue for a fabulous fish feast!

+39 089 261039

Buca di Bacco

The unmistakable flavors of Positano's legendary tavern; a favorite eatery since the 1950's.

+39 089 875699


An exclusive location and a 2 Michelin Stars restaurant in which to savor Pino Lavarra's cuisine.

+39 089 818181

Don Alfonso 1890

Master Chef Alfonso Iaccarinos delicious tribute to Mediterranean cuisine.

+39 081 8780026

Osteria Bacco

Age old recipes prepared with the ingredients grown in the hills above Furore.

+39 089 830360

Il Ritrovo

A small town above Positano, setting for a restaurant famous for its authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

+39 089 875453