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How to get to the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is located in Italy's Campania region to the South of Naples. The main transportation hubs for the Amalfi Coast are Naples, Sorrento, and Salerno. The principal forms of public transport serving the Amalfi Coast are Sita coaches and, in the summer, ferries.

For those traveling from the North, the first town they come across on the Amalfi Coast is Positano. Continuing along the Strada Statale 163 road, visitors reach the towns of Praiano, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare. The only railway station on the Amalfi Coast is the one at Vietri sul Mare, which is linked with the stations of Naples and Salerno.

The best option (for a stress free journey!)

With all the different means of transport you'll have to take and the various connections you'll need to make, getting to the Amalfi Coast can be a complicated business! For this reason, a quick and easy private transfer, direct from the airport to your hotel, is a particularly attractive option.
Even more so considering that, if there are four or more of you traveling together, the cost of a private car transfer will be only slightly higher than that of traveling by public transport.

Transfer services for the Amalfi Coast

The chart below illustrates the available connections between Rome, Naples, Sorrento and Salerno and the various towns on the Amalfi Coast. Below you'll find detailed information of how to get to the various towns on the Amalfi Coast by car or by public transport.

Attention: the times of sea crossings vary greatly from season to season. Boats run frequently each day from Easter to early October. During the winter period the number of crossings is reduced significantly.
We advise travelers to consult current times of sea crossings a few days before commencing their journey.

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Recommended routes

During the summer months connections are also available from Ischia, Procida, Capri and other popular destinations around the Bay of Naples.

Transfers in helicopter from Rome, Naples and other Italian cities.
Helicopter Services - Transfers

Transfers by car from airports in Rome (4/5hrs) or Naples (90mins).
Transfers by car

How to get to the Amalfi Coast from Rome

If you're flying into Rome, you should be aware that the journey from Rome to the Amalfi Coast will take at least four hours from the time you land, and only if you make all the connections.
If your flight lands in the afternoon, you might want to consider spending a night in Rome or Naples and continuing your journey to the Amalfi Coast the next day.

From Rome Fiumicino Airport

From the airport Leonardo Express, train to the city's main Roma Termini railway station.

From here you can catch trains to Naples.

There are various types of train which run between Rome and Naples:
Eurostar Freccia Rossa (TAV): this is by far the most comfortable option, but also the most expensive. In little more than an hour, you will arrive at Naples' Piazza Garibaldi station. Freccia Rossa trains depart every hour and are usually extremely punctual. Tickets cost about €40.
Intercity: these trains take about two hours to travel between Rome and Naples. Tickets cost about €20.
Interegional: these trains stop at every station in just about every little town dotted along the line. Not surprisingly, the journey from Rome to Naples takes roughly 4 hours. Tickets cost about %euro;10 but unless you are traveling on a really tight budget, we don't recommend this train.

Train tickets from Rome to Naples can be purchased in the station (at the ticket office or from the automatic dispensers) or online using the Trenitalia website Trenitalia. Significant discounts are often available for customers buying their tickets in advance online. Please be aware that special offer tickets are often non refundable.

Once you arrive at Naples Stazione Centrale -Piazza Garibaldi railway station, follow the direction signs to the Circumvesuviana (the regional railway line, situated underneath the main railway station) and from here take the train to Sorrento.
You'll reach Sorrento in about an hour.
Outside Sorrento railway station you'll find autobus Sitaheaded to Positano-Amalfi or to Sant'Agata-Nerano.

From Rome Ciampino Airport

If you land at Rome's Ciampino airport, you can take a bus to Roma Termini railway station and from here follow the directions above.

Bus connections from Roma Tiburtina railway station

Another option is to head to the Roma Tiburtina railway station (take the blue line on the Underground) and from here board one of the Marozzi coaches which run between Rome and Amalfi and Rome and Sorrento.
For Amalfi there is just one coach which leaves at 7:00 in the morning, and arrives at noon.
For Sorrento there are two coaches, one departing at 7:00am, the other at 3:00pm.

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Transfer service: the most comfortable way to get to your hotel

Trains to change, buses to catch, connections you can't afford to miss... by now, you'll probably have realized that getting to the Amalfi Coast, especially if you are landing in Rome, is not exactly the simplest of journeys.
By far the best way to avoid unnecessary, travel-induced, stress, is to book a transfer from the airport to your hotel. And, if there are four or more of you, the cost of the service is likely to be only marginally higher than that of all the train and bus tickets you'll need to buy to get to the Amalfi Coast using public transport.

Suppliers of transfer services to and around the Amalfi Coast:

How to get to the Amalfi Coast from Naples

If your plane lands in Naples Capodichino Airport, in order to get to the Amalfi Coast, you will need to travel first to the town of Sorrento.

You have two options:
By Curreri coach to Sorrento: these can be boarded directly outside Terminal 1. Tickets cost about €10 and can be purchased directly from the driver.
By bus to the center of Naples: "Alibuses" leave from outside Terminal 1 and transport passengers to Naples Stazione Centrale (Piazza Garibaldi) railway station. Tickets cost about €3 and can be purchased directly from the driver. Once at the station, follow the signs for the Circumvesuviana, the local railway line located beneath the main station. From here you can catch trains which will take you to Sorrento in about an hour.
Airport, buses and taxis, useful websites:

Once you arrive at the Circumvesuviana in Sorrento, you will need to take one of the Sita Coach which run between the Sorrentine peninsula and the Amalfi Coast.

Sit on the right hand side of the bus to get the best view! From Sorrento the bus takes roughly 30 minutes to reach Positano and 45 minutes to reach Amalfi. If you need to go beyond Amalfi, you'll have to change buses here. The road is a series of stomach churning curves: take all the precautions necessary if you suffer from car sickness.

Getting to your hotel

To reach Amalfi and the other towns in the South of the Amalfi Coast, follow the same route to Positano and then continue by bus to Amalfi and beyond.

Another option is to take one of the Sita Coach to Vietri Sul Mare and Amalfi (accessing the Amalfi Coast from the south rather than the north).
In this case the bus's final destination is the Varco Immacolatella, in the port of Naples.

The Varco Immacolatella is difficult to reach by public transport: with the Alibus you will need to get off at Piazza Municipio and then walk for quite a long stretch of road or struggle to get on to one of the cities crowded trams: an experience best avoided, especially if you have lots of luggage.
The best option by far is to take a taxi from the airport, asking the driver to apply the fixed rate (about €20) to the port. Make sure you clearly specify Varco Immacolatella, otherwise the driver will leave you at Molo Beverello.
Bus tickets can be purchased at the ticket office next to the bus stand and cost about €4.

Traveling to the Amalfi Coast by boat

During the summer months, there are convenient sea crossings by ferry which depart from Salerno and stop in Positano and Amalfi, and vice versa. Ferries depart from Piazza della Concordia opposite the train station in Salerno, so it is easy to make a connection if travelling by train. Routes usually run from 1 April to 31 October. Other ferry routes for Amalfi and Positano depart from Sorrento.

Traveling to the Amalfi Coast by car

If you're traveling by car, a piece of advice: be careful! During the months of July and August and on public holidays the road hugging the Amalfi Coast can be extremely busy and, as breathtaking as the scenery might be from your car window, spending hours stuck in a traffic jam under the Mediterranean sun is not much fun. On the other hand, driving along the sinuous curves of the Amalfi Coast is an experience no driver should miss: it is not by chance that dozens of car companies have filmed advertisements here.

The hours to avoid if you're traveling by car:
In the summer: from Naples in the direction of the Amalfi Coast: Saturday and Sunday mornings and the entire month of August.
In the winter: although the road is generally clear, you should take care on sunny Sunday mornings when the SS163 is often invaded by motorbikes from throughout the Campania region!

Driving on the Amalfi Coast

Many people ask whether it's a good idea to drive on the Amalfi Coast. The narrow coastal road is comprised of a series of hairpin bends, directly above the sea, and you can expect to regularly come across large tourist coaches which, in the bends, can create difficulties.

On the other hand, the best way to explore the Amalfi Coast is by car, allowing you to stop off when and as many times as you choose. If you are not used to driving on narrow roads, your best option is to use the public bus service or, if your budget allows it, a chauffeur driven car.

Driving instructions for those traveling by car

Getting to the Amalfi Coast by car is much easier than you'd think. The motorway to remember is the A3, and the exit Castellammare di Stabia or Vietri sul Mare.
The search engine below will indicate the best route to take, according to your point of departure and arrival.

Distances from Naples:
  • Positano: 58 km
  • Amalfi: 72 km
  • Ravello: 76 km