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Maiori and Minori
Maiori and Minori
Maiori and Minori
Maiori and Minori
Maiori and Minori
Maiori and Minori
Maiori and Minori
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Maiori and Minori


Leave the celebrity-stalking paparazzi behind and discover a different side of the Amalfi Coast.

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3 things to do in Maiori, Minori and Tramonti

  1. Take a sugar overdose in Minori's Pasticceria Sal DeRiso.
  2. Have fun in the sun on the Amalfi Coast's biggest beach, in Maiori.
  3. Make a pilgrimage to Tramonti, to worship the place where pizza was born.

How to get to Minori and Maiori

Minori and Maiori are located within a couple of kilometers of each other, before Amalfi, on the SS163 from Vietri sul Mare.
Both towns can be reached by buses operated by the Sita Coach company (Salerno - Amalfi line).

For more detailed information: How to get to the Amalfi Coast

Beyond the historic maritime republic of Amalfi, the panoramic gardens of Ravello, and the oh-so-glamorous Positano, behind each and every bend of the Amalfi Drive yet more surprises lie in wait.

Minori, the sweet art of doing nothing

The first surprise is Minori (once known as Reghinna Minor), home to the splendid Villa Marittima Romana, an ancient roman villa considered to be one of the most important monuments on the whole Amalfi Coast.

The villa is thought to have been the seaside residence of an influential member of the imperial court.
The nearby stream would have guaranteed ample supplies of water with which to fill the swimming pool and baths.

Despite almost 2000 years having passed, the villa's Nympheaum still conserves a number of its original frescoes and mosaics.
The villa is located in Via Santa Lucia and is open to the general public from 09.00 until sunset.

Minori's cathedral, dedicated Santa Trofimena, was restored in the 19th century and has three light-filled aisles and a 17th century marble pulpit. The lower basilica houses the relics of the town's patron saint.

In the 18th century, Minori became famous for its watermills and pasta factories and to this very day, tourists come to taste the town's delicious pasta, served in the small restaurants nestled between the brightly painted houses.

You won't want to leave Maiori before paying at least one visit to Salvatore De Riso's ( pastry shop, where to indulge in such exquisite concoctions as the heavenly ricotta and pear filled hazelnut crumb cake.

Maiori, a fan opening out towards the sea

From Minori, the road leads straight to Maiori, the fishing town once known as Reghinna Maior.
The town has one of the largest beaches of all those on the Amalfi Coast, the dimensions of which increased further as a result of the catastrophic floods of 1954 which destroyed the whole of the historic center.

In the middle ages, what is now a peaceful little bathing resort was the Republic of Amalfi's principal port, its streets lined with such beautiful patrician palazzi that King Filippo IV declared the town Città Regia.

Maiori is dominated by the Castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano, rebuilt in the 15th century and which, like the adjacent church, is open to the general public.

The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare houses a statue of the Virgin which, according to the local legend, was found floating in the water, just off the town's shores.
In the complex of Santa Maria Olearia the crypts and catacombs of the first monks to reside here can be seen.

If you've ever dreamed of being wined and dined in an ancient watch tower, you'll love Maiori's Torre Normanna Restaurant!

Tramonti hidden between the mountains

In the Monti Lattari, a town which has contributed to making mozzarella and pizza famous throughout the world.

Thirteen districts nestled in a green valley in the Monti Lattari. Tramonti, as its name indicates, is situated amidst the mountains.

A charming town, surrounded by streams, olive trees, vineyards and terraced vegetable patches, or "gardens" as they are fondly called by those that tend them, Tramonti is said to have been founded by the Picentini, after they were forced inland by the Ancient Romans.

Things to see in Tramonti

One of the most interesting places to visit in the town, the Castle of Santa Maria La Nova once had seven bastions and ten towers.

Also worthy of mention is the Chapel of San Michele Arcangelo, in the district of Gete, which dates back to the period between the 8th and 12th century and which is surrounded by tombs of the hermit monks who once resided here.

In the district of Pucara, the Church of Sant'Erasmo conserves works by Luca Giordano whilst, in the district of Figline, the Church of San Pietro Apostolo features an exquisite majolica floor.

A taste of Tramonti

No matter how high the temperature rises on the sun baked beaches of the Amalfi Coast below, in Tramonti the air is always refreshingly cool, making it the ideal place for cheese making.

The town's mozzarella fiordilatte is one of Italy's finest cheeses and one of the principal ingredients in a gastronomic delicacy which has made Tramonti famous throughout the world: pizza.

It is said that the pizza of Tramonti was 'invented' as a way of using up the dough left over from bread-making.
To this simple base, tomato and a sprinkling of cheese were added. The resulting "pizza", was cooked in a wood burning oven, and then shared amongst friends.

Immediately after the Second World War, a number of young men from the town emigrated North. Here they opened a series of pizzerias.
Today there are almost 3000 pizzerias making the Pizza of Tramonti, the recipe of which was certified in 1991 during the very first Tramonti Pizza Festival.

August festivals near Tramonti
Sagra dei totani e patate (Furore)
Festival della Pizza (Tramonti)
Sagra del fior di latte (Agerola)
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