When to go to the Amalfi Coast

Although its not always possible to go on holiday exactly when you want, if you have the opportunity to choose the time of year you visit the Amalfi Coast, then the best time would have to be from April to June, when this spectacular stretch of the Italian coastline is carpeted with exquisitely perfumed flowerst and the sun is already warm enough to make swimming in the sea a pleasure for visitors of every age.



Spring on the Amalfi Coast is when the sea edge towns and villages wake from their long winter hibernation, the bars and restaurants, freshly painted and polished, open up for business once more and the air is laced with the delicate scent of orange blossom.

Officially, the tourist season starts with Easter and ends on the 30th of September. From May to June prices are generally lower than in July and August.

May is the best month in which to travel on the Amalfi Coast: thanks to the mild climate, beautiful colors and the absence of crowds.

Amalfi Coast

July and August

If you are interested in cultural events or are a relentless socialite, bear in mind that the majority of events organized on the Amalfi Coast, are held during July and August .
In these peak summer months, the calendar brims with concerts and festivals and it is in this period that the worlds beautiful people arrive on the Amalfi Coast, aboard their luxurious yachts, and fill all the areas most fashionable restaurants and sea edge discotheques, such as Positanos Music On the Rocks and Praianos Africana.

Even in peak season, you can enjoy the Amalfi Coast far from the crowds, by renting a boat with which to explore the areas secret coves or by heading up into the mountains, to walk along spectacular, and often deserted, coastal footpaths.


Likewise, a great time of year to plan a holiday on the Amalfi Coas is in September, when you can expect to enjoy wonderfully warm days without having to battle amongst the flocks of tourists which, in peak summer months, swoop down on the areas principal towns and beaches.

Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast has a unique appeal in winter, season when the sea swells and, at times, the waves threaten to inundate towns which are, all of a sudden, uninhabited.

The perfect period for romantics, as long as they remember that most bars and restaurants will be closed and the chance of rain is high.


To help you choose the best time of year to visit the Amalfi Coast and to decide what to put in your suitcase we have included details of average monthly temperatures and rainfall throughout the year.

Average temperatures on the Amalfi Coast

Average rain fall on the  Amalfi Coast