Getting around on the Amalfi Coast

Getting around on the Amalfi Coast

The towns of the Amalfi Coast are linked by the SS163, road also known as the "Amalfi Drive", one of the most scenic carriageways in the world.

Fifty kilometers of roadway, hugging the dramatically beautiful coastline and leading visitors to the picturesque towns of the Amalfi Coast in a series of spectacular hairpin bends.

If the curves begin to take their toll on your stomach or the heat of the summer sun is making driving uncomfortable, stop for a refreshing lemonade or crushed ice drink from one of the kiosks set up in the panoramic lay-bys along the road.

Traffic alert: at weekends and throughout the summer the road is often jam-packed with cars and tourist buses.

Traveling by car on the Amalfi Coast

The SS163 or "Amalfi Drive" has just one lane in each direction and is often very busy. Considering the traffic and the continuous curves, we recommend maximum caution.

Try to avoid driving in peak hours, especially in the summer months, when the traffic often comes to a standstill, under the baking hot sun.

The curves on the Amalfi Coast

Another problem on the Amalfi Coast is the lack of sufficient parking space.
Whilst the towns do all have a number of public and private car parks, the cost of parking can be as much as 5.00 euro an hour.

In Positano, the best option is to park on the side of the road (making sure not to park in a resident-only space) and reach the town by the flight of steps linking the SS163 with the center. On your way back to your car, if you don't feel like climbing up the steps, you can always use one of the local buses.

Remember also, that the historic centers of Positano and the other towns on the Amalfi Coast are often closed to traffic, especially in the summer months.

Traveling by motorbike or moped

A moped or motorbike is by far the most pleasurable means of transport by which to travel along the Amalfi Coast, allowing holidaymakers to explore the area in complete freedom, without having to worry about getting stuck in the traffic or where to park.

You can rent mopeds in most of the towns on the Amalfi Coast.
Obviously, we would only recommend you use a motorbike or moped to get around the Amalfi Coast if you already have considerable experience and are confident about steering round the many kilometers of hairpin bends.

Amalfi Coast - SS 163

Traveling by public transport

Buses operated by the Sita bus company run between all the towns on the Amalfi Coast. Although buses are frequent, the volume of traffic on the SS163 often means they do not run according to schedule.

Be prepared for the crowds: in the summer, at peak times, you might not always find a seat on buses filled with local holidaymakers heading to the sea.

Sita Bus

If you decide to travel by Sita bus, you will need to buy your tickets before boarding. Tickets can be purchased in the majority of bars and tobacconists on the Amalfi Coast.
Tickets cannot be purchased on board.
For more information about traveling by bus on the Amalfi Coast, consult the Consorzio Unico Campania Website Be aware that buses do not run at night and if you want to get from one town to another in the evening, and do not have your own vehicle, you will have to take a taxi.

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