Il Sentiero degli Dei

From Agerola to Nocelle walking through paradise. The Sentiero degli Dei is an extraordinarily panoramic footpath above the Amalfi Coast.

The Sentiero degli Dei links the tiny hill top town of Agerola, with Nocelle, a fraction of Positano nestled on the slopes of Monte Peruso.

The name of the footpath, The Gods' Pathway, is an indication of the spectacular scenery en route. Ideally, walkers should walk from Agerola to Nocelle, and not vice-versa, this way the route is a gentle downhill one, with magnificent views of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri.

Things you should know before commencing the walk:
Departure point: Agerola or Praiano.
Arrival point: Nocelle, a fraction of Positano.
Duration: 3hrs circa.
Kilometers: 7,8 km.
Difficulty: easy. The path is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.

Where to start the Sentiero degli Dei

The Sentiero degli Dei begins in Bomerano, a fraction of Agerola. Walkers can reach Agerola by one of the buses run by the Sita coach company which depart from Amalfi.

Ask the driver to let you off at the Bomerano stop. From here, follow the road signs which will lead you to the start of the walk.

You can also start the Sentiero degli Dei from Praiano, but this route entails climbing up a long flight of steps to reach the Colle Serra Pass, some 580 meters above sea level.

Following the Sentiero degli Dei

The route is indicated by white and red signs with 02 written on them. From Colle Serra, walkers make their way downhill until reaching a fountain, to the left of which there is an old mule path, which begins in Praiano.

The Sentiero degli Dei continues along the road to the right. Below, on the road climbed by walkers who start from Praiano, the Convent of San Domenico can be seen.

At this point the scenery changes: from hills dotted with just a few shrubs, where walkers frequently come across grazing sheep and goats, to a typically Mediterranean landscape littered with holm-oaks, arbutus, heather and rosemary.

At this stage, the path becomes more tortuous as it passes through the Vallone Grarelle via a series of ascents and descents and breathtaking panoramas until reaching Nocelle, a fraction of Positano.

In ancient times, Nocelle could only be reached on foot, by way of a steep flight of steps commencing in Positano.
Today, walkers can decide whether to make their way downhill by bus or on foot via the 1500 steps which lead to the district of Arienzo.

In the summer, it is well worth descending a further 300 steps to the Arienzo beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea.
From Arienzo, following the SS163 for circa 1 kilometer, walkers soon reach the center of Positano.

A tip from
Agerola is famous for its fiordilatte, a particular type of fresh mozzarella cheese.
Before you start the walk, stop off in one of the town's salumeria, where you can purchase some focaccia and fior di latte to sustain you during the journey: the perfect ingredients for a pic-nic worthy of the gods!

If you'd rather have something a little more substantial, once past the village of Nocelle, continue for circa 1 kilometer along the recently constructed carriageway, to the La Tagliata restaurant, where you can dine on the terrace, enjoying delicious food and a marvelous view of the sea and the island of Capri.

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