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The Amalfi Coast stretches about 55 kilometers from Positano to Vietri sul Mare along the Italian coast. There are 13 municipal areas along the coast, which is named for the town of Amalfi, the most historically significant coastal town located about halfway along the coast.The three most important towns are Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello.

The Amalfi Coast

When is the best time of the year to visit the Amalfi Coast?
The best months to visit the Amalfi Coast are spring and fall, when the coast is lush with flowers and greenery and there are less tourists than in the high summer season.
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Which is the best town to book a hotel?
Your choice depends upon your travel style. If you enjoy a bustling center and plenty of nightlife, you will like Positano and Amalfi. The other towns are better suited to quieter, more relaxing holiday styles. If you have children, consider staying in Maiori or Minori, which have the most family-friendly beaches.
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What should I consider when choosing a hotel to book on the Amalfi Coast?
Aside from price and travel style considerations, consider carefully the located of the hotel and how far it is from the water's edge, especially if you are planning days on the beach. On maps, many hotels may seem right on the seaside, but they may be perched atop steep cliffs! You should also consider the distance from the center of town, as the Amalfi Coast is not very easy to navigate by car. If you are driving to the coast, choose a hotel with parking included in the price, or available at a discount. A day of parking on the coast can cost as much as your hotel stay!
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How far in advance do I need to book?
During the summer, on the weekends in spring, and over the Easter holiday, you should book well ahead of time, especially if you have your heart set on a small, boutique hotel.
Are hotels on the Amalfi Coast, Italy open all year long?
Most of the hotels on the Amalfi Coast open at Easter or a few days before the Easter weekend, and stay open until the beginning of November or the Christmas holidays. You can always find accommodations all year round, especially in small B&Bs.
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When are restaurants open?
Restaurants generally serve lunch from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, and dinner from 7:30 pm to 11.30 pm (or later in the summer). Keep in mind that local generally eat lunch at 1:30 pm and dinner at 9:00 pm.
Do you need to make reservations for restaurants?
It's always a good idea to make reservations at restaurants, especially those in the fine dining category. Reservations are required for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch, and for a table with a view at restaurants overlooking the coast or Mediterranean. Usually, a day or even a few hours in advance will suffice.
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Are there vegetarian restaurants on the Amalfi Coast?
There are no restaurants on the Amalfi Coast exclusively dedicated to vegetarians, but all restaurants offer vegetarian dishes. Traditional Mediterranean cuisine uses meat sparingly and most of the world's most beloved vegetarian specialties come from Italy: pizza, pasta with tomato sauce, and eggplant parmesan.
Is there wifi on the Amalfi Coast?
Most of the hotels on the Amalfi Coast offer wifi either free or at an extra charge, or an internet point. There are no public hot spots and even cellular coverage can be spotty along the coast. The stretch between Punta Campanella and Positano is where the signal is weakest or non-existent.
When are shops open?
Shops (excluding grocery stores) usually open at 10:00 am and close at 1:30 pm for morning hours, then open again at 4:30 pm and remain open until 8:00 pm for the afternoon and evening. In the summer, many remain open until 10:00 pm.
an I bring my pet to the Amalfi Coast?
If your hotel accepts pets, you can certainly travel on the Amalfi Coast with your dog. Most restaurants have outdoor seating, and you can usually keep your dog near your table. You must clean up after your dog and use a leash.

The Amalfi Coast with Kids

Are there child-friendly beaches on the Amalfi Coast?
Most of the beaches along the coast are pebble beaches and can be reached only by steep staircases or narrow walking paths. The most suitable beaches for children are those near a road and sand-covered, which can be found at Vietri sul Mare, Maiori, and Minori. The Marina Grande beach at Positano is also suitable for families. Here you'll find additional information regarding beaches on the Amalfi Coast
Are there play areas for children?
Space is limited on the Amalfi Coast, so there are very few play areas and parks for children. The town centers along the coast are very safe and often closed to traffic, so local children are used to playing in the town squares or on the beach.
Can I bring a stroller or pram to the Amalfi Coast?
It's best to use a baby carrier or back pack for small children, as the many staircases along the coast make using strollers or prams impractical.


Which is the closest airport to the Amalfi Coast?
The closest airport to the Amalfi Coast is Naples' Capodichino airport, though most international flight arrive at Rome Fiumicino.
What is the most economical way to reach the Amalfi Coast?
If you are arriving at Naples Capodichino Airport, you can take the bus to Sorrento and from there the Sita bus locally. If you are arriving in Rome, you can take the train to the central station in Naples, then the Circumvesuviana to Sorrento, and from there the local bus to Positano and Amalfi.
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What is the most convenient way to reach the Amalfi Coast?
A private transfer directly from the airport to your hotel is by far the most stress-free way to reach the Amalfi Coast, without connections for transportation changes.
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Should I use public transportation or rent a car?
This depends upon when you are visiting the coast and your comfort in driving. During the months of July and August, we do not recommend driving due to heavy traffic. During the other months, you can rent a car if you feel up the the twisting, narrow roads along the coast.
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