One Week Itinerary on the Amalfi Coast

What to see and do in one week in Positano and the Amalfi Coast

One Week Itinerary on the Amalfi Coast
One Week Itinerary on the Amalfi Coast
One Week Itinerary on the Amalfi Coast
One Week Itinerary on the Amalfi Coast
One Week Itinerary on the Amalfi Coast

If you are planning a week on the Amalfi Coast and want to see all the highlights during your stay, here is our insider's itinerary for an unforgettable vacation full of breathtaking views, excellent food, and plenty of time to relax!

A week in Positano and the Amalfi Coast is the ideal amount of time to take in the highlights along the coastline and also visit a few nearby A-list sights. For a truly special holiday in Positano, we also recommend spending a day at sea via an Amalfi Coast boat tour, relaxing on the beach for a few hours, and spending some time browsing the local artisan workshops and boutiques. And, of course, no Italian vacation would be complete without some incredible meals!
Top things to do
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1. Positano

The perfect itinerary for a week on the Amalfi Coast begins in Positano, one of the most famous and spectacular towns along the coastline. One day is enough to soak in its unique atmosphere, explore the village center, and do some shopping in its famed boutiques. You can also sunbathe and swim at one of the local beaches. Start with a stroll through the village center to admire the most important sights in Positano, including the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the Roman Villa, an extraordinary ancient archaeological site known as "the Pompeii of the Amalfi Coast".

Positano is known for its picturesque warren of winding lanes that climb directly from the beach and are lined with traditional shops and artisan boutiques. Make sure you schedule time to do some window shopping and stop to sample local specialties like the coastline's refreshing Limoncello (lemon liqueur).

During the afternoon on this first day of your week-long Amalfi Coast itinerary, you can slow down and relax on one of the town's beaches: the Spiaggia Grande right in the center of town or the quieter Spiaggia di Fornillo are great options.

Traditional Cooking Lessons

If you are looking for an alternative to an afternoon on the beach, you can try your hand at preparing traditional dishes from Naples and the Amalfi Coast with a local cooking class or opt for a pizza-making lesson to learn the secrets of authentic Neapolitan pizza. You'll end your class by gathering around the table to enjoy the fruits of your labors!

2. Amalfi

No week vacation on the Amalfi Coast is complete without visiting the historic maritime power for which the coastline is named: the spectacular port town of Amalfi, which still attracts visitors from across the world.

We suggest spending an entire day in Amalfi to explore the town center and admire the gorgeous Cathedral of Sant'Andrea and nearby fountain. From here, stroll through the picturesque Rione Vagliendola neighborhood and visit the Paper Museum that traces the history of this local craft back centuries. Amalfi also has a number of local beaches where you can relax and dive into the turquoise waters.

Have extra time?

If you are looking to fill up some time before leaving Amalfi, we suggest taking a stroll through the nearby village of Atrani, the tiny hamlet set on the cliffside just outside Amalfi. There is an excellent beach in Atrani that is very popular with families.

3. Ravello

The third day of you week in Positano and enrivons can be spent taking in one of the gems on the Amalfi Coast: the delightful city of Ravello set on the cliffside above Minori and Amalfi and offering some of the most unforgettable views of the coastline. Visit the town's historic gardens and scenic overlooks and soak in the quiet, romantic atmosphere of this beautiful spot.

Getting to Ravello

If you don't have a car, you can reach Ravello with the local bus or via a private transfer. The latter gives you more flexibility and skips the hassle of having to stick to a schedule and deal with the often crowded public transportation. With the time you save, you can fit in a visit to another coastal town on the same day.

The small village of Ravello is home to a number of architectural treasures, including the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta and the gardens of Villa Cimbrone, famed for the spectacular “Infinity Terrace”. The top sight is Villa Rufolo, which has been drawing visitors to its panoramic terrace for centuries. Villa Rufolo captivated the composer Wagner, who became enamored with Ravello; the town is still known as the City of Music.

Ravello's Music Festival

Music lovers won't want to miss the annual Ravello Festival, held each summer in the beautiful Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer and other locations scattered across town. The highlight of the festival is the sunrise concert set on the cliffside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Capri

Positano and the Amalfi Coast are the perfect place to set off for a day trip to Capri, the most famous and storied island in the Bay of Naples.

To see the highlights on Capri in a single day, we suggest following our insider's itinerary:
Capri Day Trip - A One Day Itinerary
See also Boat Tours from Positano to Capri

There are a number of options for visiting Capri from the Amalfi Coast. The easiest way is by hopping on a scheduled ferry from Positano, keeping in mind that these routes only run in the summer season, beginning around Easter.

Updated Ferry Schedules:

Ferry Schedule Positano/Amalfi - Capri

Another option for visiting the island is joining a tour from Positano to Capri that generally includes a sail around the island and a stop on land to explore on your own.

The third option for your day trip from Positano or another town on the Amalfi Coast to Capri is booking a private boat tour with skipper. This option gives you the most flexibility and freedom to set your own pace and itinerary, deciding when and where to stop to swim or dock on land. A private boat tour is guaranteed to be a highlight of your holiday on the Amalfi Coast and lets you fully appreciate the beauty of Capri's magnificent coastline.

Boat tour from Positano to Capri

5. Amalfi Coast Boat Tour

Today you can escape the crowds and traffic on the Amalfi Coast to admire the stunning coastline by sea on a boat tour. This is a must for any week in Positano and the Amalfi Coast and there are endless options for boat tours to fit any travel style, budget, and group.

Top choices include joining a small-group boat tour or booking a private boat tour with skipper, which can be the best option if you are traveling with a group of friends or a large family. If you have experience at sea, you can rent a small rubber dinghy or traditional gozzo boat to navigate on your own. Regardless, we suggest scheduling an entire day on the water if you can, so you'll have ample time to explore the crystalline coves and sea caves and even stop to stroll through the villages along the coastline or have lunch at a beachfront restaurant. If you have limited time, you can opt for a shorter boat tour or a romantic sunset cocktail sail.

Boat tour on the Amalfi Coast

There are a number of sights along the Amalfi Coast that are best admired by sea, including the dramatic Furore Fjord and Emerald Grotto. Another great option for taking in the coastline is via a boat transfer from Positano to the fishing village of Nerano on the far tip of the coast, famous for its waterfront restaurants.

6. Hiking the Coastal Trails

The Amalfi Coast is more than just beaches and fishing villages. The coastline is also home to spectacular landscapes and uncontaminated countryside that is best explored on foot. To complete your week on the coast, we suggest taking a day to hike the coastal trails, enjoying a day of breathtaking views, fragrant lemon groves, and secret spots far from the crowds.

Among the Amalfi Coast trails, perhaps the most scenic is the Sentiero degli Dei, or Path of the Gods, an intermediate-level route that boasts "divine" views along its 8-kilometer route between the villages of Agerola and Nocelle on the slopes of Mount Pertuso just outside Positano. The Path of the Gods is known for its panoramic cliffside path overlooking the entire Amalfi Coast and Capri that takes about 3 hours to complete. We do not recommend this trail for those who are afraid of heights or for children younger than around 10.

How to Hike the Path of the Gods

The easiest way to organize your hike along the Sentiero degli Dei, or Path of the Gods, is booking a tour with a transfer to and from the trail and hiking guide included, especially if you are vacationing on the coast without a car. To cap off your hike, you can dine on some of the excellent local specialties, including mozzarella and other cheeses produced in Agerola.

Another excellent option for hiking on the Amalfi Coast is the Valley of the Mills trail that crosses lush woodlands dotted with waterfalls and local ferms. The name of the valley comes from a number of now abandoned mills that were once dedicated to Amalfi's paper production. The path sets off from the small and picturesque hamlet of Pontone about 200 meters above sea level and crosses the Lattari Mountains until reaching Amalfi. You can reach the trailhead via local bus.

7. Pompei

Before saying goodbye to Positano, cap off your week on the Amalfi Coast with one of the highlights of southern Italy, the famous ruins of Pompeii. Stroll through the ancient Roman streets and squares that were buried during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD for a true journey into the past. You'll see how the locals lived 2,000 years ago and be able to admire masterpieces of ancient art and architecture set at the foot of the soaring volcanic peak of Vesuvius.

How to Visit Pompei from the Amalfi Coast

To reach Pompeii from the Amalfi Coast via public transportation, you'll need to catch the Circumvesuviana train from Sorrento. Save time and skip the hassle of the train and bus by joining a guided tour or booking a private transfer, many of which also include a trip to the volcanic crater atop Mt. Vesuvius and lunch and a wine tasting at one of the many family-run wineries set on the mountain slopes overlooking the Bay of Naples.

Have Extra Time?

If you have some extra time to fill at the end of your week on the Amalfi Coast and you want to continue exploring, there are endless options to fill your day. Head to the village of Vietri Sul Mare at the southern tip of the coastline to browse its historic ceramic shops or relax in one of the tiny hamlets along the coastline like Maiori or Minori, beloved for their authentic atmosphere. You can also tour the historic seaside town of Salerno or Cava de' Tirreni, enjoying the relative lack of tourists. No matter where you head, you'll leave the Amalfi Coast truly enamored with its lush Mediterranean coastline and turquoise waters.