Vietri Sul Mare


Known internationally for its marvelous ceramics, the most important town on the Amalfi Coast.

  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Vietri Sul Mare
  • Vietri Sul Mare

How to Get to Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is the first town you reach when traveling to the Amalfi Coast from Salerno. It's also the only town on the coastline that is easy to reach since there is an exit from the A3 highway Napoli - Salerno that leads directly into town. There is also a train station, the only one on the Amalfi Coast, where the regional "Napoli - Salerno" route stops or you can also take the Sita bus, "Napoli - Salerno" route.
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Vietri sul Mare, The Ceramic Capital on the Coast

Vietri sul Mare has been known for its unique traditional ceramics since the Middle Ages, when this unassuming town on the Amalfi Coast first started exporting its colorful majolica artworks. Bright yellows, blues, and greens are used to decorate these artisan works, and motifs and techniques have remained unchanged over the centuries, often passed from generation to generation.
To learn more about the history and culture of Vietri's ceramics, visit the Museo della Ceramica set inside Villa Guariglia in Raito or simply look up to admire the majolica-tiled cupola atop the 18th-century Church of San Giovanni Battista sparkling in the sun.

Beaches on Vietri

A few of the largest beaches on the Amalfi Coast are located in Vietri sul Mare. Given its proximity to Salerno, availability of parking, and easy access (both via the A3 highway and the only train station on the coastline), the town is home to some of the most popular beaches among locals, especially those with children. Be sure to arrive early in the morning to avoid the crowds and grab a prime spot on the water's edge! There are a number of beaches to choose from, but we recommend La Baia, a 400-meter stretch of sand that is one of the few beaches on the Amalfi Coast that isn't pebble or rocks (just keep in mind that the water here isn't as clear as it is at other beaches on the coastline, since the busy Salerno port is nearby). La Crespella beach, sitting at the foot of a 16th-century watchtower and facing the Due Fratelli, two small rock formations offshore that are known as the "Faraglioni of Vietri sul Mare".
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A Where should I stay in Vietri Sul Mare?

Vietri Sul Mare can be a great base for exploring the Amalfi Coast. Though it is less picturesque than Positano or Amalfi, the strategic location near Salerno and the highway makes it easy to get in and out of town. There is a wide selection of hotels and villas to fit any budget: if you are looking for a luxury getaway, try booking a luxe suite at Relais Paradiso and take advantage of their in-house spa and gourmet restaurant. Otherwise, the 5-star Hotel Raito boasts its own spa and breathtaking views. For the privacy of a villa, Palazzo Suriano is located just steps from the beach.

Other Sights

Ancient fishing village immersed in the lush coastal landscape between the sea and the mountain slopes.