Parking on the Amalfi Coast

Prices and information about parking in Positano, Amalfi, and the other Amalfi Coast towns.

Parking on the Amalfi Coast can be a challenge and is never cheap. Due to the coastline's geographical layout with narrow lanes winding directly above the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, there are very few free parking areas and public parking is often reserved for residents only. Often, the only option for visitors to the coastline is a pay parking garage.

The average price for parking on the Amalfi Coast is about EUR 8/hour. Some hotels and restaurants offer free or discounted parking for their guests, which you generally have to reserve far in advance.
Given the stressful and expensive parking situation along the coast, we recommend taking public transportation to get around, especially in the high season. Sita buses run between the towns on the coast and there is also a ferry service operated by Travelmar that connects a number of coastal towns, Capri, and other destinations in the surrounding region of Campania.

Read on for detailed information about parking in the individual towns along the Amalfi Coast.

Parking in Positano

The only free parking in Positano is located outside the village center in Nocelle and Montepertuso, both set in the hills above town. From here, you can catch a bus to the center of Positano.
There is no free parking in the center of Positano, and most free street parking (marked by white and yellow painted lines) is reserved for residents. There are limited public parking spots along the lanes of the town center (marked by blue painted lines), but they are almost never available in the summer. If you are lucky enough to find a spot along the street, the meter parking rate is EUR 3/hour. The only option that is always available is the paid parking lots. The closest to the pedestrian center of Positano are De Gennaro and Mandara, both of which charge EUR 8 or 10/hour.

Parking in Praiano

There is some free street parking in Praiano (marked by white painted lines), but it is very rare to find a free spot available. Note the vertical sign that marks where the resident-only parking spaces begin. Paid street parking (marked by blue painted lines) costs EUR 2/hour, though there are discounts if you pay for 6 or 12 hours.
There is only one paid parking garage in Praiano, located in La Praia near the beach but quite a distance from the center of town. The price is EUR 3/hour.

Parking in Furore

There is no parking near the Furore Fjord. The only option is to park in Castellano at La Praia and walk two kilometers to the fjord. At the top part of the village, there is some paid street parking marked by blue painted lines.

Parking in Ravello

The best place to park in Ravello is the large lot beneath Piazza Duomo that costs EUR 2.50/hour or EUR 15/day.

Parking in Amalfi and Atrani

The large Luna Rossa parking garage is set between these two towns, carved directly into the cliff face with a tunnel that leads to Amalfi on one side and Atrani on the other. It costs EUR 5/hour (8-19) and EUR 4/hour (19-8). In Atrani, there is paid street parking near the beach (blue painted lines) for EUR 2.50/hour. In Amalfi, you can park inside the port area in Piazza Flavio Gioia for EUR 3/hour.

Parking in Minori and Maiori

There is paid street parking (marked by blue painted lines) in both Maiori and Minori along the waterfront that costs EUR 3/hour.

Parking in Cetara

There is a large parking area near the port in Cetara that costs EUR 3/hour. When the parking lot fills up, they close the road into town and you can park at the Pastena parking lot in the upper part of town.

Parking in Vietri sul Mare

Vietri Sul Mare, near Salerno, has the most parking available on the coast. There are two large parking areas run by the town just behind the beach that both cost EUR 2/hour.

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