2020 Train Naples - Sorrento Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Circumvesuviana train that runs between Naples and Sorrento about every 30 minutes. There is an annual schedule that is valid for the entire year..On the chart, you'll find the stops for the main tourist sights, though there are also other stops in between.To get to the Amalfi Coast, you need to get off at Sorrento (the final stop) and then continue by Sita bus.

Here you an find all the information you need to arrange your trip!

Due to anti-COVID-19 measures, public transportation schedules may change without prior notice and posted schedules will not always be updated minute-by-minute.

Route: Naples - Sorrento

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Circumvesuviana Train Schedules updated according to official schedule releases (only stops for the main tourist sights)

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  • D Direct (arrives in Sorrento in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Stops in a few stations in addition to those indicated on the chart. Runs DAILY according to the schedule indicated.)
  • DD Express (arrives in Sorrento in 50 minutes. Runs DAILY according to the schedule indicated.)
  • FER Weekdays (DOES NOT RUN on Sundays and holidays)
  • FES Sundays and holidays (ONLY RUNS on Sundays and holidays)

Circumvesuviana Train Info

The Circumvesuviana station is on the lower level of the Naples Centrale train station, below the high speed train platforms. Take the stairs down from the center of the station.

You cannot purchase a ticket online, but only at the ticket window or one of the newspaper stands in the station. There is no combination train and bus ticket for the Amalfi Coast.

Tickets from Naples to Sorrento cost EUR 3.60.

Trains to Sorrento always depart from track 3. To reach this track, there are no elevators or escalators. Pay attention to the display and make sure you board a train to Sorrento and not Sarno!

It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes by train from Naples to Sorrento. DD trains do not stop at all the stations, so reach Sorrento in about 50 minutes.

Sorrento is the final stop on the line.

There is an elevator at the Sorrento station, which is located in the center of Sorrento.

There is no luggage storage area on the train, and no air conditioning.

Sita buses for the Amalfi Coast depart from right outside the Sorrento train station, and you can purchase tickets at the ticket stand near the bus or at the newspaper stand in the station.

Campania Express Schedule: The train between Napoli and Sorrento with air conditioning, guaranteed seating, and luggage storage.

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