Il Sentiero degli Dei

From Agerola to Nocelle through paradise

  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei

The Sentiero degli Dei links the tiny hilltop town of Agerola with Nocelle, a fraction of Positano nestled on the slopes of Monte Peruso.

The name of the footpath, The Path of the Gods, is an indication of the spectacular scenery enroute. Ideally, walkers should walk from Agerola to Nocelle, and not vice-versa; the route runs gently downhill from this direction, with magnificent views of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri.

Things you should know before beginning the hike:
Departure point: Agerola or Praiano Private transfer for the Path of the Gods
Arrival point: Nocelle, a hamlet above Positano
Duration: about 3 hrs
Length: 7.8 km
Difficulty: easy. The path is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.

Beginning Your Hike along the "Sentiero degli Dei"

The Path of the Gods begins in Bomerano, a fraction of Agerola. Walkers can reach Agerola by one of the Sita buses which depart from Amalfi. Ask the driver to let you off at the Bomerano stop. From here, follow the road signs which will lead you to the trailhead.

From Positano: Bus to Amalfi + bus Amalfi-Agerola (2 hours)
From Sorrento: Bus to Amalfi via Positano + bus Amalfi-Agerola (3 hours)

The trail ends in Nocelle, the upper part of Positano. You can reach the center of Positano by taking the 1,500 steps about 500 down on foot. Otherwise, there is a bus route. From Positano, there are buses and ferries to return to Sorrento and Amalfi.

Bus schedule Amalfi- Agerola

The Travelmar Shuttle from Amalfi to Agerola

From April to October, Travelmar ferry passengers can take the convenient shuttle from the center of Amalfi to Piazza Capasso in Agerola, just steps from the trailhead. The shuttle departs at 9:30 and 11 a.m. and at 4:30 and 6 p.m. to coincide with the arrival of the ferry from Salerno and Positano. You can take the shuttle from Amalfi to Agerola and follow the length of the train. Once you arrive in Nocelle, take the stairs or bus down to Positano where you can pick up the ferry back to Sorrento or Salerno.
Ferry Schedules Salerno - Amalfi - Positano

If you are arriving in your own car, you'll need to park in Agerola and return to pick it up by walking back along the path or taking the bus from Positano.
You can also start the Sentiero degli Dei from Praiano, but this route entails climbing up a long flight of steps to reach the Colle Serra Pass, some 580 meters above sea level.

Following the "Sentiero degli Dei"

The route is marked by white and red signs with 02 written on them. From Colle Serra, walkers make their way downhill until reaching a fountain; to the left of the fountain there is a former mule path which begins in Praiano.

The Sentiero degli Dei continues along the road to the right. Below, along the road used by hikers who start off the trail from Praiano, the Convent of San Domenico can be seen.

At this point the scenery changes: from hills dotted with just a few shrubs, where walkers frequently come across grazing sheep and goats, to a typically Mediterranean landscape littered with holm-oaks, arbutus, heather, and rosemary.

The path becomes more difficult as it passes through the Vallone Grarelle via a series of ascents and descents and breathtaking panoramas until reaching Nocelle, a fraction of Positano.

In ancient times, Nocelle could only be reached on foot by way of a steep flight of steps beginning in Positano. Today, walkers can decide whether to make their way downhill by bus or on foot via the 1500 steps which lead to the district of Arienzo.

In the summer, it is well worth descending a further 300 steps to the Arienzo beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea.
From Arienzo, following the SS163 for about 1 kilometer, walkers soon reach the center of Positano.

A tip from

Agerola is famous for its fiordilatte, a unique type of fresh mozzarella cheese.
Before you start the walk, stop off in one of the town's salumeria, where you can purchase some focaccia and fior di latte to sustain you during the journey: the perfect ingredients for a picnic worthy of the gods!

If you'd rather have something a little more substantial, once past the village of Nocelle, continue for about 1 kilometer along the recently constructed lane to the La Tagliata restaurant, where you can dine on the terrace, enjoying delicious food and a marvelous view of the sea and the island of Capri.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is the trail always open?

Yes, the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) is a trail through the countryside so is always open and free. Local authorities close the trail if there are nearby wildfires or landslides that make it dangerous for hikers and walkers.

Is the trail kid-friendly?

No, there are stretches along the trail that skirt the cliffside and there is no protective railing, so we do not recommend attempting the trail with young children. Older children can take on the trail, but keep in mind that it takes about four hours to hike the entire length. It is not paved, so not accessible to strollers or pushchairs. You can carry an infant in a carrier or backpack, but time your hike early or late to avoid the midday sun.

How do I get to the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) with public transportation?

To get to the trailhead for the Path of the Gods, take the Sita to Agerola from Amalfi. Once take the trail back to Positano, you need to return via Sita bus or walk down to the Positano port to catch the ferry to Amalfi that runs from April to October. In the summer, there is also an Amalfi - Agerola shuttle bus managed by Travelmar, the ferry company, that offers the service to their clients.

Where can I park near the Path of the Gods?

There is free street parking (marked by white painted lines) in Bomerano near the trailhead, but spaces are limited. If you don't find space available, there is paid parking near the stadium that costs EUR 5/day.

When is the best season to hike the Path of the Gods?

April/May and September/October are the best times of year. You can hike the trail all year long, but during the summer months the sun beats down on the trail at midday and in the winter heavy rains sometimes cause small landslides. We recommend checking the weather forecast before setting off along the trail.

Can I hike the Path of the Gods alone or do I need a guide?

The trail is well-marked and you can follow it on your own, but a guide offers interesting insights about the landscape and surrounding area and additional safety along the trail.

What should I take with me to hike the Path of the Gods?

Keep in mind that the Path of the Gods is a mountain hiking trail, not a tourist attraction, Do not attempt to hike the trail in flipflops! We suggest hiking boots or shoes or sturdy shoes with non-slip soles. If you are hiking in summer, wear a sun hat and sunblock. In the spring and fall, pack a windbreaker in your backpack in case it rains.

Is there somewhere to eat along the Path of the Gods?

You can stop for a picnic along the trail or for a sit-down lunch at a restaurant in Nocelle. In Agerola, there are a number of excellent delis and food shops to pick up picnic supplies (make sure to buy the local fiordilatte mozzarella). Otherwise, hike the trail to Nocelle and then stop for lunch at one of the charming local restaurants there, including Ristorante Santa Croce, la Tagliata, or il Ritrovo.

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