Luxury Dining

The most famous and exclusive restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

With tables set directly on the water's edge or beneath a fragrant pergola in a lemon grove on the slopes along the coastline, the fine dining scene on the Amalfi Coast is always spectacular. Restaurants here offer guests Italian cuisine and wine pairings in a variety of settings: choose from a Michelin-starred restaurant, refined trattoria-style specialties such as homemade pasta, a tasting menu accompanied by a wine list, a spectacular dining room known for its beautiful views, or a combination of one or more of these dining experiences!

The best gourmet restaurants on the Amalfi Coast

The best restaurants have so much to offer when it comes to fine dining with traditional southern Italy cuisine. Menus abound with choices ranging from truffles to prawns, mussels and linguine with clams, ravioli to risotto—there’s truly something elevated for any palate when it comes to fine dining restaurants on Capri and beyond.

Book your table at one of the best restaurants, such as Zass, Rossellinis, Un Piano nel Cielo, La Sponda, or others in our curated list, where you’ll enjoy beautiful views and pasta dishes prepared with the kind of Italian culinary expertise you won’t find elsewhere. Mediterranean fine dining here is rooted in traditional Amalfi Coast and Neapolitan recipes that have been passed down through the generations, and pasta dishes often feature ingredients grown directly on the terraced seaside gardens. There are also abundant opportunities to enjoy award-winning dishes prepared by creative chefs who take Italian cuisine to the next level. Here are our suggestions for an unforgettably luxurious meal.