La Caravella - Amalfi

Restaurants in Amalfi - Via Matteo Camera, 12
La Caravella
La Caravella
La Caravella
La Caravella
+39 089 871029

Michelin-starred dining in the heart of Amalfi

Why choose La Caravella in Amalfi

La Caravella is a bastion of traditional Amalfi cuisine, housed in a 12th-century noble palace filled with traditional Vetri ceramics and priceless frescoes. The restaurant's tasting menu is based on selections from both land and sea that are faithful to local authenticity while also offering modern innovation.

Featured highlight: Make sure to try the restaurant's spectacular raw-food dishes!

La Caravella's history is intertwined with the rich story of the evolution of food and wine along the Amalfi Coast. It would be impossible to list all the well-known figures who have dined here and fallen in love with the culinary genius of the Dipino family's passion for local cuisine. Rooted in local and family traditions, the menu here also strives to provide its guests with continually evolving and endlessly imaginative dishes. La Caravella relies on two over-arching principles that have ensured its success: authentic, traditional culinary techniques utilizing fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant's expansive wine list boasts a variety of well-known selections alongside organic and rare small-batch wines. Paired with the impeccable expertise of the restaurant's sommelier, your fine dining experience here is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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La Caravella restaurant is located in the center of Amalfi, the capital city of the historic maritime republic.


La Caravella
Restaurants in Amalfi - Via Matteo Camera, 12
+39 089 871029

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