Beaches on the Amalfi Coast

The best places to take a dip in the crystalline waters along the Amalfi Coast's dramatic shore.

Beaches on the Amalfi Coast
Beaches on the Amalfi Coast
Beaches on the Amalfi Coast
Beaches on the Amalfi Coast
Beaches on the Amalfi Coast

Although the Amalfi Coast is a favorite seaside holiday destination, this part of the Italian coastline has very few beaches.

Don't expect to spend your time walking on long stretches of soft sand: on the Amalfi Coast, what is called a beach is often little more than a patch of pebbles or a rocky platform lying beneath the cliffs.

The majority of the area's towns are situated high above sea level and to reach the waters edge, holidaymakers will often have to make their way down long flights of steps or impervious coastal paths.

The reward for their efforts are some of the world's most enchanting bays, lapped by wonderfully warm, crystal clear waters.
Those holidaymakers who decide to rent a boat, will be able to reach otherwise inaccessible coves of the Amalfi Coast, and enjoy a little corner of paradise all to themselves, for hours.

A tip: try to get up early. The sun leaves almost all of the Amalfi Coast's beaches in the early afternoon, and for maximum hours of sunshine, you'll need to have breakfast on the beach!

Beaches of Positano

The subject of many a picture postcard from the Amalfi Coast, from the fashionable Marina Grande to the secluded Laurito and Arienzo, Positanos beaches are almost as famous as the town itself.

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Beaches of Praiano

The only beach on the Amalfi Coast to catch the sun until it sets is located in Praiano, a picturesque little town nestled between the sea and the mountains, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Not far from Praiano, is the Fiord of Furore, one of the areas most fascinating sites.

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Beaches of Amalfi

At the center of the Amalfi Coast both some of the area's most fashionable and most peaceful beaches can be found, from Amalfi's lively Spiaggia Grande to the secluded beach of Duoglio and Castiglione, Ravello's only seaside district.

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Maiori and Minori

Erchie, Maiori and Minori: three of the largest and most family friendly of all the beaches on the Amalfi Coast. Close to car parks and bus stops, these sandy beaches have many bathing establishments, bars and restaurants.

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A pretty little fishing village, with picture postcard perfect beaches. The ideal choice for an unforgettable day by the sea, to be concluded with a meal in one of Cetara's sea edge restaurants, savoring the local tuna fish and legendary anchovy extract.

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Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare has some of the biggest beaches on the whole of the Amalfi Coast. Easy to reach, by car or public transport: Vietri sul Mare lies just off the A3 motorway and is the only town on the Amalfi Coast to have a train station (and ample parking). A great choice for families with young children.

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Beaches of Nerano

The first beach on the Amalfi Coast is Nerano, the coastal district of Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi. Here you can enjoy crystal clear waters and sun until dusk and, if you're really lucky, you might even meet a mermaid.

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