2024 Hydrofoil and Ferry Timetables Positano - Capri

Here are all the ferry timetables from Positano to Capri and back. Check the updated timetables and book your ferry tickets!

From mid-April to mid-October the hydrofoils to Capri fill up easily and there can be long lines at the departure ports. We recommend booking tickets in advance.

The hydrofoils and ferries that connect the port of Positano and other towns of the Amalfi Coast in Campania with the island of Capri (the port of Marina Grande) are active in high season from early April to the end of October. During the winter the ferry companies offer occasional ferry trips (usually on Saturdays and Sundays) but the ferry routes only run when good weather conditions permit.

Important information
  • Ferry trips on the Positano - Capri ferry route are always in high demand. We highly recommend booking in advance for travel from May to October.

  • The port of Positano isn’t an actual port but rather just a pier used to embark and disembark. Due to this, real-time ferry schedules can vary and ferry service may be suspended in the event of rough seas.

  • In high season the Positano dock can be very chaotic and crowded.

  • The dock in Positano has many stairs, so you cannot arrive directly to the pier with a taxi or other vehicle. However, if you need assistance with your luggage, there is a porter service.

Helpful information on hydrofoils and ferries from Positano

The port of Positano

In Positano, ferries and hydrofoils always leave from the Spiaggia Grande pier. The dock is located to the right of the beach as you face the sea. The ticket offices of the various ferry companies as well as companies that rent private boats are also located there. You can reach the pier only on foot, given that Positano is built on a slope with lots of stairs down to the sea. The closest point to the dock that you can get to by car or bus is Piazza dei Mulini, about 350 meters away (ten minutes on foot). The route is downhill coming from the center of Positano towards the sea and there are numerous steps and stairways. The pier is close to most hotels and beaches in Positano.

Timetables and real-time ferry schedules

On this page you can consult the timetable for the current week. Hydrofoils operate from April to the end of October. The ferry companies generally release their summer timetables in February. There are usually always a couple of ferry trips in the morning with round trips returning in the afternoon, allowing you to take a day trip to Capri. You can catch a glimpse of the iconic Faraglioni rock formations from your high-speed ferry as you travel to the port of Capri, to disembark and explore the island’s famous sights, such as the Piazzetta.

There are ferries for Salerno from Positano all year round, weather permitting.

Ticket prices

The rates indicated in the table refer to a single one-way ferry trip, not a round-trip ticket. Children up to three years old travel for free. Discounted ticket prices are available for children up to 12 years old.

Luggage and pets

One piece of hand luggage is included in the ticket. If you are traveling with bulkier luggage there is a supplement of around 2 euros for each piece of luggage. For an additional fee you may also transport animals, provided they travel in a carrier or, in the case of dogs, with a leash and muzzle. At the port in Positano there is a porter service for assistance with luggage transport.

Travel time

The Positano-Capri ferry takes approximately 40 minutes. These are high-speed ferries that only carry passengers. The last ferry is usually around six in the afternoon.

Booking online

We strongly recommend booking in advance for trips to the port of Capri, especially during high season. However, please note that even online purchases require that you go to the ticket office in person to collect your tickets. Alternatively, you can purchase ferry tickets directly at the port.

Ferry companies

NLG - Navigazione Libera del Golfo

Call center: Tel. +39 081 5520763
Info-Booking Sorrento: +39 081 8071812

Lucibello (Positano Jet)

Positano: Tel. +39 089 875032


Call center: Tel. +39 081 18966690

Snav (Gescab)

Call center: Tel. +39 081 4285555

Alilauro (Gescab)

Call center: Tel. +39 081 4972238
Customer service: Tel. +39 081 4972206

Alicost (Gescab)

Call center: Tel. +39 081 7041921

Grassi Junior

Tel. +39 089 811605


Call center: Tel. +39 089 872950

Capitan Morgan

Naples: Tel. +39 081 4972201
Ischia: Tel. +39 328 4405206

Rumore Marittima

Ischia: Tel. +39 081 983636

How long is the ferry trip from Capri to Positano?

The journey from Capri to Positano takes about 30 minutes.

Where does the ferry arrive on Capri?

The port of arrival is Marina Grande. Capri boat tours depart from the port of Marina Grande. These tours go around the island as well as stopping at the Blue Grotto. You can also take the funicular to get to the Piazzetta, the center of Capri, or the bus to Anacapri.

Does the ferry have outdoor seating?

Most boats used on this route have outdoor seating. However, you won’t be able to know for sure at the time of booking because the ferry companies don’t always use the same vessels at the same times.

Could I get stuck on Capri because of cancelled ferry trips due to rough seas?

It’s unlikely that you would get stuck on Capri due to a canceled ferry. The ferry companies will generally advise you when you book if they expect conditions to worsen in the afternoon. In that case they will recommend that you book your return trip before the last run of the day. If bad weather arrives without warning, you can return to Sorrento or Naples and travel on to Positano from there.

Is there a bathroom on board?

Yes, there are toilets and a snack bar on board.