Ristorante Lemò - Sorrento

Restaurant in Sorrento
Via Campagnano, 7
Ristorante Lemò
Ristorante Lemò
Ristorante Lemò
Ristorante Lemò
Ristorante Lemò

Authentic cuisine and guided tours at a Sorrento farm

Traditional dishes with a modern twise

Guided tours and exclusive experiences

Far from the crowds and chaos

Price range



By reservation only. Lunch 12 pm - 3:30 pm | Dinner 6:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Open daily


Via Campagnano, 7 - Sorrento
  • info@aziendaagricolagalano.com
  • www.aziendaagricolagalano.com
  • +39 081 8774947
  • +39 339 7010735

Ristorante Lemò in Sorrento, at the Galano Farm, awaits its guests with a rustic, authentic, and welcoming atmosphere. Here you will find warm hospitality and the delicious flavors of the Sorrento Peninsula, which you can enjoy in a fragrant lemon grove.

Ristorante Lemò offers you a true experience, which you can conclude by walking in the moonlight among the lemons of Sorrento or purchasing your favorite products in the restaurant showroom.

And to make your holiday even more special, book one of the exclusive guided tours and tastings, to discover local traditions at Galano Farm, in close contact with the nature of the Sorrento peninsula. You will learn the secrets of growing and processing lemons, tasting the specialties produced for centuries with this precious ingredient, along with many other delicious recipes of Neapolitan and Sorrento cuisine.

Book your table at Ristorante Lemò or choose from its exclusive experiences. You'll discover the true heart of the Sorrento Peninsula and the unique hospitality of its people.


Via Campagnano, 7 - Sorrento

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