The Best Spots for Instagram-worthy Photos on the Amalfi Coast

Our top picks for the most beautiful spots along the Amalfi Coast to snap that perfect pic!

The Best Spots for Instagram-worthy Photos on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most photographed stretches of coastline in the world. You have definitely admired snapshots of this breathtaking corner of Italy on your Instagram or Facebook feed, with gorgeous views of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, the majestic Duomo in Amalfi, the colorful beach in Positano, or the Infinity Terrace in Ravello.

Would you like the best views for your own Instagram feed? Do you want to make your friends green with envy on Facebook? Or do you just want some fabulous snapshots to remember your time visiting the coast with family or friends? You've come to the right place...we've listed the best spots to take the must-have Amalfi Coast pictures, so you can organize a “photo tour” that rivals even the most famous influencers online.

Photo by Jadeseba

Before beginning your “Amalfi Coast photo tour”, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind
  • Remember to charge all your batteries before heading out, because you may not find a place to stop and recharge during the day;

  • Take into account the perfect time of day to photograph, while also enjoying the scenery;

  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as you'll be doing some walking!

Here's a list of the most beautiful spots on the Amalfi Coast for taking photos...

1. Spiaggia Grande in Positano

This is a classic shot, and always gets its share of likes online! Post like a fashion blogger against the backdrop of colorful houses or in the water with Positano in the background...either way, this is an Instagram shot for the ages!

Photo by Travelthelife

Photo by Edi.bee

2. The staircase at the Duomo in Amalfi

The Duomo dominates the main square in Amalfi, looking out over the rooftops from its lofty heights. It's majestic staircase is the perfect spot to snap that iconic photo of the Amalfi Coast. Just strike a pose on the stops and let the beauty of the Duomo work its magic...

Photo by Alinegoficial

3. Villa Cimbrone in Ravello

The Terrace of Infinity is the Instagrammer's dream, with an endless view of turquoise water and sky framed by bright splashes of blooms and picturesque statues. The most spectacular photos online are taken from this clifftop overlook!

Photo by Beatrice.buia

4. The Streets of Vietri

One recently discovered hot spot along the Amalfi Coast is the village of Vietri sul Mare, where the colorful town center is the home of a number of picturesque ceramic shops and pretty views, perfect for an Instagram post. Some of the most liked photos online from the coast are of artisan shops set in this tiny waterfront village.

Photo by Travelthelife

5. The Fjords in Furore

Not as famous as the towns along the coast but just as pretty, the fjords at Furore are one of the best spots for an Instagram shot that is sure to be a hit.

Photo by Jess_dantas

6 . The Beach in Atrani

Adjacent to Amalfi, this beach is crowded with picturesquely colore beach umbrellas and makes for the classic "summer on the Italian riviera" pic.

Photo by Javicubo

Photo by Jess_dantas

7. The Colorful Coastal Fruit

As you go from one coastal village to another on your photo tour, you are sure to run into one of the classic fruit stands stocked with piles of bright lemons, oranges, and other local produce...perfect for a colorful shot of the Amalfi Coast's famed citrus.

Photo by Travelthelife

Photo by Jadeseba

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