Day Trip to Naples from the Amalfi Coast

Visit the vibrant city of Naples from Positano and Amalfi

Day Trip to Naples from the Amalfi Coast
Day Trip to Naples from the Amalfi Coast

A holiday on the Amalfi Coast is an excellent occasion to visit the magnificent historic seaside city of Naples.

We suggest visiting Naples either before or after your stay on the Amalfi Coast, as there is no fast public transport between this city and Amalfi and Positano. If you are travelling by train, leave your bags at the luggage deposit in the train station and take the subway underground to the center of the city (Linea 1, called the "metrò dell'arte" as there are modern art installations at each station).

Get off at the Toledo stop and take Via Roma to Piazza Municipio where you can visit the Maschio Angioino castle, the Galleria, the San Carlo Theater, and Piazza Plebiscito. You an also stroll along the waterfront, passing through the historic Quartieri Spagnoli neighborhoods and old town on the way back.

Getting to Naples from the Amalfi Coast

There are buses which run from Amalfi all year, though we do not recommend the bus to anyone who suffers from motion sickness due to the winding coastal road.
From Positano, the easiest way to reach Naples is by Circumvesuviana train departing from Sorrento (about an hour) or with the high speed ferry from the Sorrento port (40 minutes).

Bus schedule Amalfi - Naples
Ferry schedule Sorrento - Naples

The ferry is especially convenient as it arrives at the Molo Beverello pier right in the center of Naples.