The Path of the Lemons

A complete guide to the most fragrant hiking trail along the Amalfi Coast

The Path of the Lemons
The Path of the Lemons

The Path of the Lemons (Sentiero dei Limoni) is one of the hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast. It's a panoramic hiking trail that winds between Maiori and Minori, two picturesque coastal towns not far from Amalfi and Positano. This simple hike offers a perfect combination of breathtaking landscapes, local history, and the intoxicating scent of the traditional terraced lemon groves. These groves are where the famous Amalfi "sfusato" lemon is grown. This particular local variety of citrus fruit is also used to produce the famous limoncello liqueur and some traditional Amalfi Coast desserts such as delizia al limone (lemon delight).

Compared to the more famous Path of the Gods, the Path of the Lemons is an easier and shorter walk. It's also suitable for families with children and is an exciting walk through an enchanting landscape.

Here's a practical guide for exploring this unique itinerary that connects the village of Maiori with the village of Minori. You'll walk among lemon trees, cultivated terraces and pergolas, all while taking in beautiful seascapes.

General information

Route length: approximately 3 km

Duration: 1 - 2 hours depending on pace and stops

Difficulty: medium-easy, with ups and downs and many steps; the trail is well maintained and well marked

Accessibility: not suitable for people with reduced mobility

Necessary equipment: athletic shoes with non-slip soles

Cost: free

How to get there

By car: Take the SS163 Amalfitana highway to Maiori. You can park near the Collegiata di Santa Maria church or in the town center.

By bus: SITA buses regularly connect Salerno, Positano, Amalfi and Vietri sul Mare with Maiori.

By ferry: in high season, Maiori is connected by ferries and hydrofoils with Salerno and the other main towns of the Amalfi Coast

How to get to the Amalfi Coast

History of the Path of the Lemons

This trail, which rightly ranks among the most beautiful in Campania, was used in past centuries to transport lemons between the villages of the Amalfi Coast.

Local porters carried heavy baskets placed on their heads and walked the path to bring the precious fruit from the high-altitude lemon groves down to the beaches at sea level. There, boats destined for markets throughout Italy and the entire Mediterranean awaited them.

Today you can still see scenes of Amalfi lemon cultivation and imagine the toil of the men and women from past ages.



The Path of the Lemons can be taken in either direction.

If you decide to depart from Maiori, start at the church Collegiata di Santa Maria a Mare, with its characteristic majolica ceramic dome. You can leave your car in the parking lot near the church and follow signs for the path. Begin your walk along via Vena, with an initial climb that is a bit tiring, and then the path becomes easier.

The path

You'll walk among olive trees and Mediterranean scrub, through narrow alleys and stairways, between fragrant terraces and lemon trees. You'll admire breathtaking views and pass by ancient houses and historic churches such as the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, in the village of Torre.

A detour to Ravello

Once past the village of Torre you can decide whether to continue towards Minori or detour to Ravello. In this case, you'll have to go up towards the Convent of San Nicola. On clear days, the view from here reaches as far as Capo d'Orso and the Cilento Coast. You'll then continue towards the town center, where you can admire the famous Villa Rufolo and the other monuments of Ravello.

Continuing towards Minori, one of the most exciting stops on the Sentiero dei Limoni is the Mortella scenic viewpoint, a panoramic terrace which takes its name from the myrtle plant which grows luxuriantly here. At this point, the view opens onto the Gulf of Salerno and the towns of Amalfi and Atrani in the distance.

The descent towards Minori begins here, and it's not particularly steep or tiring. This stretch winds through ancient mule tracks and terraces intended for the cultivation of the Amalfi sfusato lemon. The most iconic stretch of the path is precisely the one that crosses the lemon groves. The scent of fresh lemons and the bright green of the leaves create an enchanting atmosphere. Many lemon groves are still grown using traditional methods, and in some places you can see farmers at work.

Arrival in Minori

The Path of the Lemons ends in the center of Minori, another gem of the Amalfi Coast. Minori is famous for its culinary traditions, in particular for its homemade pasta and desserts prepared with fragrant local lemons.

A sweet and fragrant break

After the walk, stop at Sal De Riso or another of the excellent local pastry shops to savor a typical delicacy such as lemon delight (delizia al limone). We also suggest a slice of torta ricotta e pere (ricotta-pear cake), a taste of caprese cake or a granita prepared with the juice of local lemons.

After this sweet stop, you can return to the departure point by simply following the path in reverse, or using local means of transport: buses, taxis or hydrofoils.

Hydrofoil schedules from Minori to Maiori

Families with children

The Path of the Lemons can also be walked by families with children. Families can choose this walk as an alternative to the more challenging Path of the Gods.

Maiori and Minori, in particular, are among the most family-friendly locations on the entire Amalfi Coast, because they have some of the area's rare expansive and sandy beaches.

During the hike be very careful to supervise young children. They should have suitable non-slip shoes and be protected from the sun and heat.

Visiting the Amalfi Coast with kids

Helpful tips

Clothing: Wear light clothing and hiking boots or athletic shoes with non-slip soles. Bring a hat and sunscreen with you in the summer months.

Water and snacks: Make sure you have enough water and some light snacks.

Best time: Leave early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest hours of the day, especially in summer.

The Path of the Lemons is an unmissable experience for those visiting the Amalfi Coast. This trail offers the chance to immerse yourself in nature and local culture as well as enjoy spectacular views that you'll remember forever.

Whether you're a hiking enthusiast or simply a fan of enchanting landscapes, you'll have an unforgettable day along the Path of the Lemons.

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