Excursions by sea on the Amalfi Coast

Climb aboard, set sail, and get ready to discover the magic of the sea surrounding the Amalfi Coast...

Excursions by sea on the Amalfi Coast
Excursions by sea on the Amalfi Coast
Excursions by sea on the Amalfi Coast
Excursions by sea on the Amalfi Coast
Excursions by sea on the Amalfi Coast

There is no better way to experience the incomparable beauty of the Amalfi Coast than by boat, sailing within meters of the shore, enjoying a unique vision of both the area's natural and manmade masterpieces.

There is no better way to witness the Amalfi Coast's gravity-defying, vertical towns, or the infinite shades of blue of the sea which laps its shores.... and no better moment in which to enjoy an unforgettable swim... in paradise.

Where can I rent a boat?

All of the Amalfi Coast's seaside towns provide boat rental services. Boats of various dimensions are available for rent with or without crew.

Exposed to strong Southern winds and lacking in safe places to land in the case of adverse weather conditions, the sea surrounding the Amalfi Coast has, on more than one occasion, proven to be an insidious one. In the summer, the volume of boats, many of which are in the hands of novice sailors, can make sailing the waters off this stretch of the Italian coast without the assistance of an expert crew hazardous.

Even if you're traveling on a limited budget, you may well find you can still afford to treat yourself to a mini-sea excursion. From the beaches of all the principal towns on the Amalfi Coast, you can take a "taxi boat" to the area's secluded beaches, from which you can arrange to be collected afterwards, at a time of your choice.

For those eager to witness the dramatic beauty of the Amalfi Coast in all its glory, the boat trip from Vietri sul Mare to Punta Campanella and around the island of Capri, where smaller boats can pass through the arch in the central Faraglione, is an absolute must.

A boat trip to the islets of Li Galli

Legend has it that it was on the Li Galli, the tiny islets which can be seen rising up out of the water directly opposite Positano, that the Sirens attempted to seduce Ulysses. On the largest of the three islands, there is the villa where Rudolf Nureyev spent the last years of his life.

Although you will be unable to land on the islands, all of which are privately owned, as you circumnavigate the archipelago, you'll catch unforgettable glimpses of the villa which was constructed according to the designs of the great Le Corbusier.

Useful information for those arriving by boat

  • Positano: there is no port, just a small boarding dock. Boats can drop anchor 300 meters offshore. The sea bed is sandy.

  • Amalfi: the port of Amalfi has a docking capacity for circa 300 boats, other mooring points are provided by mobile docks or buoys. Needless to say, in the peak summer months it is difficult to find space. The sea bed is comprised of a mixture of sand and mud.

  • Cetara: there is a small boarding dock with places for just 15 boats, the rest of the port is reserved for fishing craft. Boats can drop anchor offshore.

Small tourist harbors are located in Sorrento (Marina Piccola), Piano di Sorrento (Marina di Cassano) and Vico Equense (Seiano).

Salerno has a large and fully equipped tourist port with a capacity for circa 2 thousand boats. The tourist port of Marina di Stabia, in Castellammare di Stabia, is a valid alternative but closer to the Sorrentine Peninsula than the Amalfi Coast.

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