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Positano tours by land and sea

Positano Tours

Discover the beauty and charm of one of the most spectacular villages along the Amalfi Coast, known for its steep, winding lanes, beachfront restaurants, and excellent shopping.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to see Positano?

Positano is a tiny town, so to walk the entire length of the main Via Pasitea to the beachfront and back only takes a couple of hours. Positano is more a town to experience than simply visit, so be sure to pause to take in the views, take a boat tour along the coastline, and relax for a while on the beach.

Can I drive to Positano?

Yes, you can take the scenic Highway 163 to Positano. Once you've reached the town, there are a number of parking lots in the center, including Parcheggio De Gennaro or Mandara. Parking costs about EUR 5/hour.

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