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Guided tour inside the Valley of the Mills

By Cartotrekking

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Cartotrekking - Guided tour inside the Valley of the Mills

Informações importantes

O que está incluído

  • Meet up and briefing with the professional guide and other participants
  • Guided hike of the Valley of the Mills and the old paper mills of Amalfi.
  • Departure point: Ravello Duomo Square - 9:30 am
  • Exclusive access to Nature Reserve's Zona A
  • Stop at the waterfalls
  • Arrival point: Amalfi
  • Duration: 3 hours and half

O que NÃO está incluído

  • Private transfer (upon request)
  • Lunch and snacks

Informações adicionais

Departure: Ravello - Time: 9.30 am
Arrival: Amalfi

Duration: 3 hours and half
Length: 4 Km
Difficulty: easy

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, dressing in "layers", and wearing comfortable footwear: avoid flat shoes with smooth soles.
Bring a water bottle.

The Ferriere Valley (also know as the Valley of the Mills) is a State Natural Reserve established in the 1972 to protect local species like the Woodwaria radicans fern and the Salamandrina terdigitata salamander. This is a magical place with a special microclimate that hosts unique vegetation.

This tour is ideal for singles, couples, families, and small groups of up to 20 people.

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Guided tour inside the Valley of the Mills

Visit the Natural Reserve inside the Vally of the Mills in Amalfi.
Hiking experience guided by an expert guide with a small group adventure


de 18 Abril 2017 a 31 Outubro 2017 (Apenas Segunda)

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