A baía de Ieranto: todas as ofertas

Partida de Sorrento, Castellammare di Stabia

Mount Faito Loop Hike, the Amalfi Coast's Highest Peak

de € 180 Per group | Max 6 people

Duração 5 horas

  • Guided hike along the wooded slopes of Mount Faito under the historic beech trees.
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Tours and excursions

Guia Ambiental Profissional

de € 179 € 199 -10%

Duração 4 horas

Guia Ambiental Profissional local: vou te acompanhar nas trilhas mais bacanas da Costa Amalfitana e de média montanha em um roteiro que montaremos juntos.

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Tours and excursions

Path of the Gods Transfer and Guided Hike

de € 380 Per group | Max 8 people

Duração 6 horas

  • All-inclusive service with round-trip transfers between your hotel and the trail, plus a hiking guide along the trail.
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Partida de Amalfi, Ravello, Maiori, Minori

The Path of the Lemons, rural life of the Amalficoat

de € 139 per group

Duração 2 horas

  • - discover the hidden corners of the villages of the Amalfi Coast
  • - Savor the rural life of these magical places
  • - walk through historical streets with a view that is always overlooking the sea
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Partida de Sorrento, Positano

Path of Gods Transfer from Sorrento/Positano

de € 180 Per vehicle | Max 8 passengers

Duração 1 hora 2 horas

  • Private one-way or round-trip transfer from Sorrento or Positano with air-conditioned vehicle and professional driver.
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Partida de Sorrento, Nerano

Jeranto Bay

de € 150

Duração 3 horas

Easy walk to the Marine Protected Area with the spectacular bay, facing the Faraglioni rocks of Capri. Wonderful sea place, with its clear water, ideal for snorkelling.
it is a protected area, with high natural characteristics.

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Partida de Ravello

From Ravello to Amalfi,tour inspired by Escher's works.

de € 139 € 169 -18%

Duração 4 horas

Escher visited the South of Italy during the '30s of the XXth century. With this walk we can discover the places that inspired the famous netherlander graphic artist for his work.

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Partida de Positano

The Path of the Gods - private walking tour

de € 149 Per group | Max 20 people € 169 -12%

Duração 4 horas

  • - Private half-day guided hike on the Path of the Gods with an expert guide.
  • - Take the possibility to spend half a day for outdoor physical activity, enjoying the beauty of Positano and the Amalfi Coast immersed in the context
  • - Discover stunning landscapes overlooking the sea on the edge of a cliff, walking all the time followed step by step by a personal guide
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Partida de Naples, Sorrento, Positano

Full-Day Transfer: Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, Herculaneum

de € 330 Per vehicle | Max 16 people

Duração 8 horas

  • Visit Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Mt Vesuvius in one day, with pick-up, drop off, and transfers via air-conditioned car with driver.
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Partida de Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Salerno

All-Inclusive Path of the Gods Tour

de € 680 Per vehicle | Max 8 passengers

Duração 8 horas

  • A guide on the trail
  • Transportation included
  • Lunch at a country restaurant
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Cartotrekking - Hiking the Path of the Gods, transfer & lunch included Bestseller Verificados

Partida de Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Castellammare di Stabia

Hiking the Path of the Gods, transfer & lunch included

€ 70 por pessoa

Duração 5 horas (Manhã)

  • Private full-day tour of the Path of the Gods with pick up and drop off in Sorrento or Positano, hike with an expert guide, and lunch in a local restaurant with traditional dishes.
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Partida de Amalfi

Valley of the Mills & Ferriere Nature Reserve

€ 25 por pessoa

Duração 3 horas

  • A private walk through the Valley of the Mills & Ferriere Nature Reserve and Amalfi's historic paper mills with a licensed hiking guide.
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Partida de Positano

Day Tour Path of Gods from Positano

de € 480 Per vehicle | Max 8 passengers

Duração 8 horas

  • Transfer to the Path of the Gods from Positano: round-trip with private car that will meet you at the end of the trail before or after lunch.
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Partida de Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Salerno

3 days hiking on The Hiking Route of Lattari Mountains

€ 310 por pessoa € 490 -37%

Duração 8 horas

  • At the service of the client, a holiday designed to live these places, optimizing time, without losing the taste of discovery. Guiding you through famous paths in the world, and unknown even to the locals, discovering the sense of authentic rurality, mixed with corners of natural beauty. Rely on our complete service for your holiday between nature and landscape.
  • An itienrante trekking starting from Agerola, passing through Positano, Vico Equense, and ending in Sorrento, in 3 days, with stages of 14 km a day for about 7 hours of walking a day, to discover the most incosnsueti and panoramic places in the heart of the Regional Park of Monti Lattari.asd
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Partida de Naples, Sorrento

Tour to the Path of Gods + Visit Positano

de € 390 Per vehicle | Max 8 passengers

Duração 8 horas

  • Private transfer from Sorrento or Naples with air-conditioned vehicle and professional driver, including time to visit Positano.
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Partida de Positano

Ring Walk on the Slopes of Montepertuso above Positano

€ 9 por pessoa

Duração 3 horas

  • Unique views of Positano from above lead by a local guide
  • Walk along panoramic country paths
  • Discover the coast's lush Mediterranean vegetation
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